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Key Finder, Mitcien Item Tracker Item Locator, Wireless RF Anything Finder, Key Finder Locator Wallet Finder 1 RF Transmitter and 4 Receivers

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4 Receviers: Attach the receives to any 4 items. Just press the button of the corresponding color on the transmitter and the receiver will make a sound so you can find them quickly. Wide wireless coverage: Item finder up to 75-85dB beeping sound and 35m (115ft)wireless range in open area! Light: Wireless key finder receiver with LED light , leading you to find your lost item at night. A great gift: to forgetful person, elders friends, a friend who is easy to lost things etc. Even you can let it help find your little pets, cats and dogs, etc. long standby time: Low consumption. The battery is delivered inside the package.

Product Description:

Our remote key finder helps to locate items you often lose. People started by using it to find the key, but in the process of using it, it was really great! It is suitable for any item, even cats and dogs! Attach the receiver to your keys, a remote, a purse, glasses, canes, umbrella etc. To use, simply push the colored-buttons on the remote control and follow the audio beep sound attached to the receiver. The LED lights on the receiver help you find them quickly at night.


- Receiver size: 2x1.2inch
- Frequency: 433.92 MHz 
- Sound volume: 75-80 dB
- Working range: 50-100 feet(open space)
- Battery: 4 X CR2032 Batteries for receivers( included)
- Housing material: ABS
Package Content:

- 1 x Transmitter (1 stand included)
- 4 x Receivers
- 4 x Key Ring
- 4 x CR2032 batteries
- 1 x DIY sticker 
- 1 x User Manual

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